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Tis Nihtes Epeze Me Tis Skies – Tessy Mpaila

392 pg Soft Cover. By the author: Tessy Mpaila Publisher: Psihogios


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“And so, we too lived!When Danae passed while giving birth, her husband, Georgios, spellbound by Circe of the Fortress and her delights, neglected to return and only just managed to escape from the slaughter of the Christians by the Turko-Cretans at the great Fortress in August 1898.
This is the moment when the hero of an entire world is born. And along with him the Cretan nation, which a few years later will lead Crete to a union with Greece.
This is the century of the artist, Anestis, and his tale is the story of the path of different men, who lived and perished in the pages of a book. It is not only Anestis, however, who will lead his reader down the path of an inexplicable fate, it is those who are connected to him by binds of blood and those which who he shares experiences, passions, dreams. There are also the places, Crete, Piraeus, Macedonia, who, surrendered to the flames and caprices of great History, create an evocative atmosphere from the first to the last page.
In Tessy Baila’s novel, man becomes love, then war, then death, then art, until he finally becomes man again…


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