• 1) Greek City Music and are responsible for the safeguard of personal information they have collected from customers.
  • 2) A privacy officer has been appointed that is in charge and oversees the collection of customer information and that employees follow our privacy policy daily and all Canadian privacy laws.
  • 3) All employees must adhere to Greek City Music’s privacy policy
  • 4) Our company utilizes reliable third party companies to deliver packages, secure credit card and personal information and process credit card payments.
  • 5) may contain links to other websites and neither it nor Greek City Music are responsible for the protection of personal information given to such sites from the customer or any individual visiting


  • 1) Other than for self-evident purposes, Greek City Music and will inform its clients as to the purpose of any information which is collected at or prior to its collection.
  • 2) The purpose for which such information is collected is to be explained to the client using terms which are easy to comprehend.


  • 1) Greek City Music and will obtain, utilise and disclose a client’s personal information only if they have been authorised by the client to do so and only for purposes of billing and shipping, unless otherwise mandated by law.
  • 2) Consent can by authorised or withdrawn by agreeing or expressly not agreeing to the terms which Greek City Music and have outlined in this document, by means of electronic confirmation, at the time a customer registers or creates a profile with Consent can also be given or denied verbally by means of telephone communication, in writing or by a customer’s conduct, such as filling out an online order to be shipped to a specified location.
  • 3) A customers or client can deny consent at any time, without specifying a reason, however, a reasonable duration of time must be given to Greek City Music or for the denial of consent to take effect.
  • 4) The protection of a minor’s privacy is of paramount importance to Greek City Music and and as such we will not collect the personal information of any individual under the age of eighteen (18). If you are parent or guardian of an individual under the age of (18) who has submitted to us personal information such as name, address, email address or telephone number, please notify us immediately so that we may delete all information pertaining your child or dependant. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), please do not send us any personal information including but not limited your name, address, email address and telephone number.


  • 1) The information collected by Greek City Music and will be limited to what is essential for sole use in the purses which it identifies.
  • 2) All personal information will be collected by lawful means.


  • 1) The personal information that Greek City Music and collect from their customers will only be used to fulfill the objective for which it was attained, unless customer consent is given to do otherwise or it is required by law.
  • 2) Personal information will be kept on record only as long as it is required to complete the objectives for which it was attained or as long as the law mandates.
  • 3) Personal information will only be disclosed to parties contracted to carry out processing of a sale, to parties contract to securely store the credit card and personal information necessary for a sale and delivery of the products within the sale, to companies involved in the financing or reorganization of our company provided that they have agreed to follow the rules set out in our privacy policy should it be determined that our company requires financing or reorganization.


  • 1) All personal data collected by Greek City Music or will be as accurate and as current as possible.


  • 1) In order to maintain the confidentiality of clients, Greek City Music and will restrict access to customer information to employees involved in the processing of products and services. All such information which is held in a physical hard copy form shall remain under lock and key, while all information which is digital will remain on a secure offsite server designated for storing and protecting such information. All information which is accessible through our system such as the billing and shipping address associated with a sale and the last four digits of a credit card number will be password protected.


  • 1) Our privacy policies and practices shall remain transparent and available to all those who inquire about them.


  • 1) All personal information that has been collected by Greek City Music and pertaining to a client will be revealed to the client upon request and so will information pertaining to its use and disclosure. All clients have the right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of information on file which pertains to them and have it updated or corrected where necessary.
  • 2) There are exceptions to the above policy in cases where the law mandates such as in scenarios where there is information that pertains to other parties or individuals.


Greek City Music and are more than happy to answer any questions and acknowledge all comments concerning this privacy policy and address all challenges as to our adherence of it, by our customer or member of the general public. Please send all inquires to: