Greek City Music and will only issue a refund for a sale, should the cancellation be made verbally in person or over the phone within twenty-four (24) hours of the time showing on the receipt if it an in-store sale or at the time the of the final confirmation of sale should it be made online. Our company can refuse to issue a refund if we are not verbally appraised of the desire to cancel the order. If an email communication is sent to inform the customers desire to cancel or a voicemail is left on phone system, we will do our best to issue the refund but are not obligated to do so. If the proceeding twenty-four (24) hours of a sale should fall on a holiday and all employees of Greek City Music and are not reachable, our company can refuse the refund.


Greek City Music and will exchange any merchandise for products of equal value both from in store and online sales within 30 days of the purchase should it have been made in store or 30 days from the arrival of the products to the shipping address should it have been made online. Should there be a difference in price from the product bought in the sale and that which it is exchanged for, the customer is expected to pay the difference should the exchange item be more expensive. Should the product exchanged be less expensive, then Greek City Music or will issue a store credit that can be used at any time in the future and in this case our company reserves the right to issue a store credit only and not refund the difference.


In issuing an exchange of an online sale, will not pay for return shipping unless the product is defective but physically intact and undamaged. For CD’s this would mean that the poly wrap or seal of the CD must be intact. Similarly for toys the packaging must be intact and the product undamaged. Should there be any physical damage will refuse to exchange the merchandise regardless if the item sold is defective. In cases where there is a defect but no physical damage the customer will pay for the initial shipping to Greek City Music which is located in Toronto and they will be monetarily reimbursed or refunded for the cost of shipping once it is verified that the product is physical intact or undamaged. Greek City Music and will pay for the final shipping cost from Toronto to the clients shipping address once the product is exchanged for an identical but functional item or for a completely different item should the customer request it. The same rule applies as is described in the “EXCHANGE POLICY” of this document if the defective product being exchange is not of equal value as that which is replacing it.