The following terms of use are applicable to any and all clients, customers or individuals that have purchased or are intending to purchase or have received any products, goods or merchandise from Greek City Music or greekcity.com.

Only registered greekcity.com clients or customers who have created an online account on Greek City Music’s website may access the final stages of product ordering, including confirmation of purchase. That is clients or customers that have provided Greek City Music with information specified under the account creation portion of the website necessary for the processing and shipping of orders. As a registered client/customer of Greek City Music or greekcity.com you agree to abide by the following terms:

  • i). That you are eighteen (18) years of age or older and are not legally banned, barred or restricted from purchasing retail or wholesale goods or products under any of Ontario’s provincial laws, any Federal Canadian laws or any other laws pertaining to applicable jurisdiction.
  • ii) That you take responsibility for creating a SECURE password and user name which will allow you the ability to purchase items from greekcity.com and that you will not share that password and user name with any other individual and that you take responsibility for all activity and purchases under your registered account.
  • iii) That you agree to update all registered information as required including but not limited to change of billing address, change of shipping address, credit card information, change in name, change in telephone number.
  • iv) That you understand that all online shipping prices are an estimated quote and are subject to variation depending on the dimensions of the shipped parcel and the weight of shipped parcel which may include package filling to ensure that the goods or products are undamaged during transport.
  • v) That all pricing on greekcity.com prior to order confirmation is subject to change at any time, without notification .
  • vi) That all the qualitative or quantitative properties of product or goods depicted on greekcity.com are an estimation and may vary in terms of colour – depending on the quality of the monitor on the clients end – weight, dimension and description.
  • vii) That Greek City Music or greekcity.com may send communications via email or telephone concerning a client’s registered information, to update a client on ordered product specifications and any changes in terms of use, privacy policy and shipping policy.
  • viii) That there is no guarantee for any and all product being in stock, regardless if a specific product shows that quantities are available online. In the event of an order confirmation where one or more products that showed available quantities or appeared as in stock are in actually out of stock, the customer will receive a phone communication informing them of the unavailable merchandise. The client or customer will not be charged for the unavailable product and will be informed of their new subtotal.
  • ix) That you the client/customer are responsible for any purchased merchandise being lost, stolen or damaged after it has been received by the carrier. You are responsible for placing any claims with the carrier in regards to lost, stolen or damaged product that was lost, stolen or damaged while in care of the carrier or after it was given to the carrier by Greek City Music.
  • x) That Greek City Music and greekcity.com are not responsible for any injuries sustained by a toddler, child or minor through any use of a toy, product or merchandise other than what it was intended for including but not limited to a toddler, child or minor swallowing any components of a toy, product or merchandise. Parents and care givers are strongly advised to adhere to the recommended age restrictions of a toy.
  • xi) That by purchasing any mature rated products or merchandise from Greek City Music or greekcity.com you agree to being at least eighteen (18) years of age or older or if you are purchasing mature rated content for another individual that that individual is at least eighteen years of age or older.