The security of our client’s credit cards and personal information is of paramount importance to us Greek City Music and as such we have taken the necessary measures and have complied with industry standards to protect the credit card and personal or account information that they provide

We use SSL certificates which are specified to our industry that bind a cryptographic key or encryption to the data your transmit to This data includes all credit card information and numbers and login or account information transmitted between the customer’s Internet browser to our secure offsite server which is maintained by a third party that specializes in web security. Greek City Music or employees do not have access to a customer’s full credit card information; only a few digits of the credit card are shown on our end. Furthermore, all online credit card transactions are routed through a secure server which processes payments. The third party we have contracted to process these transactions is Moneris(, a company with a long history of securing credit card transactions and going beyond industry standards.