Q: Are you the same company as Greek City Video that operated at 452 Danforth Avenue? If yes are you under new ownership?
A: We are indeed the same company as Greek City Video which was located at 452 Danforth Avenue and have operated under the name of Greek City Music for the last several years, and have been under the same ownership since the company was founded in 1984. We are now operating strictly online and you can find all our inventory on our website. We offer curbside pick-up in East York.

Q: What is your return or exchange policy?
A: In order for a product to be exchanged it must be returned within 30 days, accompanied by a valid receipt and must be returned in the same condition it was purchased in or without any physical damage? The seal on a CD must be intact or if there is a poly wrap, it must be unopened. In the unlikely event that a CD is defective – in which case it will also very likely have no physical damage – an exception will be made and the product can be exchanged for another item or store credit. Likewise, the packaging of a toy must be intact. For books, the spine must not be broken and the pages unbent. For more information please refer to our section concerning a refund, return and exchange policies.

Q: If I would like to exchange a product that I purchased online, must I pay for return shipping?
A: If the product has a defect the customer must initially pay for return shipping but will be reimbursed once the defect has been verified and it has been established that the product is physically intact and undamaged. In the event that a product is simply being exchanged with another or for a store credit but has no defect, the customer will have to pay for return shipping and the shipping of the product replacing the exchanged one. Once again the product must be unopened and the packaging intact except of course in the event of a defect. For books, the spine must remain intact and the pages unbent. For further information please refer to our document concerning a refund, return and exchange policies.

Q: Are all of your products imported from Greece?
A: The vast majority of our products are imported from Greece. There are very few exceptions and the manufacturer is usually listed on the product. A customer can always inquire if a particular product was made in Greece, at which point a customer service representative will have that information on hand.

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Monday through Saturdays 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM and Sundays: CLOSED.

Q: As an online customer will I be able to view the shipping cost before I confirm my order for processing and be able to cancel if I should decide to do so?
A: All online orders will show shipping charges before the sale is confirmed and before the customer is charged. At this stage in the process, the order can still be canceled.

Q: Will the shipping cost is shown online be the exact cost or an approximate cost.
A: While the shipping cost online will be very close to the actual final charge, it will technically be an approximation. Should the final cost more than marginally exceed the charge shown before the last confirmation, a customer service representative from Greek City Music or greekcity.com will contact the client and ask if they still wish to proceed with the order? Should this cost only marginally exceed that which the customer was shown before the final confirmation, Greek City Music will be more than happy to pay the additional charge.

Q: If I decide to cancel my online order after it has been processed, is there any way I can cancel and receive a refund?
A: If a customer wishes to cancel an order after it has been processed, they must do so by contacting a customer service representative verbally over the phone or in person, within twenty-four (24) hours of it having been processed or confirmed online. The total amount will be refunded to their credit card. For further information please refer to the document concerning a refund, return and exchange policies.

Q: Which types of payment do you take?
A: We receive payment through the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Q: Is your site safe and secure?
A: Greek City Music has and is doing everything possible to keep your credit card and personal info safe and secure which includes but is not limited to the use of SSL certificates specific to the industry, a payment system that gets routed through a secure server and a method of storing contact info through a private off-site server. For additional information please refer to our document concerning security.

Q: If I am added to your email mailing list, will my information be shared with a third party for solicitation purposes?
A: Absolutely not. Greek City Music will never share any of your personal info with a third party for solicitation purposes. For more information concerning the privacy of your information please refer to our privacy policy.