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Ta Lyrika


The Poetry of Tassos Livaditis set to music by Mikis Theodorakis

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  1. Tin Porta Anigo To Vradi – I Open The Door In the Evening
  2. Hathikane Toso Noris – They Were Lost So Early
  3. O Ageras Lei Mia Prosefhi – The Wind Says A Prayer
  4. Dilino Tis Erimias – Afternoon Of Loneliness
  5. Sto Katofli Ton Keron – On The Doorstep
  6. Mes Sti Vrohi – In The Rain
  7. Sta Limania Ta Makrina – In Far-away Ports
  8. Tou Kosmou Dromi Skoteni – Dark Routes Of the World
  9. Mia Mera Tha S’to Po – One Day I’ll Tell It To You
  10. Dromi Pou Hathika – Roads Where I Was Lost
  11. Pedi De Milas – Child, You Don’t Speak
  12. Mes Ston Kambo – In The Plain
  13. Itan Kapote Dio Fili – There Were Once Two Friends
  14. Thimisou Ton Manolio – Remember Manolios
  15. Miroloi Tis Vrohis – Lament Of The Rain

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