>>>Magdalines Horis Ipermaho (Μαγδαληνές χωρίς υπέρμαχο)

Magdalines Horis Ipermaho (Μαγδαληνές χωρίς υπέρμαχο)


432pg Soft Cover. By the author: Kalogeropoulou Dafni  Publisher: Kedros


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Female penitentiary Thebes.

A world parallel and forgoten to the one outside the prison, yet so close. Never the less the two worlds can’t cross paths since any human touch is abstracted by the glass barriers in the visitors area.
Two women on each side of the glass, separated not only by a few centimeters but by 16 years. Will their relationship make through time or will it crumble?
A romantic novel about the prisoners in the Thebes penitentiary, their struggles and the social barriers they have to deal with.




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