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Vosporos (Bosphorus) – Zontani Ihografisi Sto Irodio (2CD)


Live Recording At Herod Atticus Theatre

Product Description

CD 1| Part 1 Greek Composers Of Ottoman Music

  1. Peik-I-Safa Peshref
  2. Sava Saz Semaisi
  3. Neva Peshref
  4. Arazbar Peshref
  5. Buselik Peshref
  6. Hiseyni Saz Semaisi

CD 2| Songs From The Turkish Alevi Bards

  1. Tsesme
  2. Ben Giourouroum Giane Giane
  3. Sen Bir Tzeylan Olsan
  4. Ben Bir Avtzi
  5. Kara Toprak
  6. Kalk Gintelim Atim, Harap Hanenten

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