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Taxidiotis Stin Kouzina


• Format: Book |
• Binding: Hardcover |
• Genre: Cookbook |
• Author: Vicky Smirli |
• Language: Greek |
• Pages: 237 |
• Publisher: EllinikaGrammata, 2006 |

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Product Description

Food is a journey. It is a voyage into the culture, traditions, and flavours that evoke each land and its people.

Vicky Smirli’s “Traveller in the Kitchen” is your ticket to a mouth-watering tour around the world. This well-researched volume goes from the kitchen table to the coffee table, offering the reader insights into the gastronomic traditions of England, France, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Morocco, China, India, Sweden, and Egypt alongside recipes for the best of each country’s cuisine.

A passport into the culinary culture of 12 countries, from Europe to Asia and from Central America to Middle East.







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