>>>Psithiri Stis Floges (Ψίθυροι στις φλόγες)

Psithiri Stis Floges (Ψίθυροι στις φλόγες)


640pg Soft Cover. By the author: Efstathiou Evaggelia  Publisher: Livanis


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Lives destroyed in one night.
The whirlwind of fire burns guilt, innocence, youth and consciences.
The nine-year Samina Margeti delivered the death of her soul the time her mother delivered her last breath helpless in flames.

The unique sin of Elektra Light is that she passionately fell in love with the wrong man;One the culprits, or maybe a lot of them? Damian, Stephen or Roussos.

Little Samina with a twist of fate has survived, returns as Semele Sophianos twenty-one years later, regenerated from the ashes to get her revenge from the perpetrator of the tragedy, who lives and reigns thanks to her mother’s money.

But nothing is as it seems when allies turn out enemies. And the enemies are those who might hold the key to love as the masks fall.
Will abate one day whispers in flames? We will restore the truth? Can emerge and hope to climb the dark sky, when everyone thought he was buried in the ashes once across?


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