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Church Hymns and Folk Songs

By the Young Byzantine – Traditional Choir

Evagelistria Of Piraeus

Conductor: Anastasion Mentakis

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  1. Apolytikion of the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mary
  2. The Psalm 102 (103)
  3. CheribicHymn
  4. Liturgical Parts
  5. We praise thee
  6. It is truly right
  7. 1st part of the praises of the Dormiton of Theotokos
  8. My red apple
  9. Between Tsirigo
  10. In the smells of May
  11. Tsanakaliotissa
  12. To you Virgin Mary
  13. I sold my fishboat
  14. In a new boat I entered
  15. Hay you, God says



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