Laikos Himonas – 3

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This is a booklet and CD package.

The “Folk Winter” concerts are one of the best known and popular institutions of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Each year has enhanced its quality and reputation all over Greece as well as worldwide. Thanks to the persistence and research of its creator, Yiogis Melikis, it brings together hundreds of musicians, singers, and dancers. It is the product of his research throughout the year. The unique spectacle surpasses all expectations and brings new elements that revive the tradition and strengthen the creator and participants.

  1. Xipna
  2. Gazilier
  3. First Narration
  4. Kortsoko
  5. Secont Narration
  6. Pristieri
  7. Third Narration
  8. Foria Foria – Mantilia
  9. Fourth Narration
  10. Edo Thia
  11. Fifth Narration
  12. Tsip Soreftan
  13. Sixth Narration
  14. Kavari
  15. Seventh Narration
  16. Houliere
  17. Eighth Narration
  18. Evkasis
  19. Ninth Narration
  20. Savitsa
  21. Tenth Narration
  22. Foria Foria – Savitsa
  23. Eleventh Narration
  24. Spatha
  25. Twelvth Narration
  26. Rotsa Enan
  27. Thirthinth Narration
  28. Safahou
  29. Farewell


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