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Me Kentima Diko Tou


Music & Clarinet: Petros-Loukas Halkias
Violi: Achilleas Halkias

• Format: Book / Softcover
• Pages:118
• Language: Greek
• Classification:Biographical
A unique CD edition that features the exceptional traditional music of Petro-Louka Halkia.

This edition includes a bonus book dedicated to his life, emphasizing the early years of his musical career, his migration to the U.S. and all his musical experiences.

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Product Description

CD includes:
Miroloi – Dialogos me klarino ke violi, pano se pogonisia motiva – Tora ta poulia – Tou agourou ke tis ligeris – Siderovergino klouvi – Enas leventis horeve – Skaros – Palio zagorisio me girismata
Trying to come up with an appropriate title for this book + CD combination, we decided to “play” with words that have a lot of meaning behind them. When they said band in the villages of Ioannina, they meant a textille of big dimentions, or the side of a room. The textiles were pictures of life in nature. The most beautiful were of deer. The collections of such things were called textillia. It is a latin word trough which we get the english word text; something written. Originally it meant weaving. That is our intention here, to weave material from the life of Petro-Loukas Halkias and make a “band” as beatiful as the ones with the deer.




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