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THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD CUP 1930/2002 -Book (istoria tou moundial)

• Format: Book |
• Binding: Hardcover |
• Classification: Sports Fiction |
• Language: Greek |
• Pages: 68 |
• Author: Keir Radnedge, Mark Bushell |
• Translated in Greek: Natassa Giapitzi |
• Publication: ModernTimes, 2006 |


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Product Description

The big moments of soccer through a complete retrospect of the institution of the World Cup, with the signature of top-flight sports writers Keir Radnedge and Mark Bushell, who are founder member and governor of the National Museum of Football.

From the first World Cup that took place in Uruguay in 1930, up until the World Cup of 2002 in Korea and Japan, the readers will have the chance to follow up to the reliable description of each of the seventeen tournaments separately. The most spectacular moments of all the superstars of soccer and the unforgetable highlights of every tournament, along with maps of the hosting places and result boards.

A parade of soccer’s greatest, from Pele and Garintsa, to Maradona, Rossi and Platini.





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