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Enas Megalos Erotas

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Classic Movies from Greek Cinema

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Lena (Tzeni Karezi), lives a happy life with her husband Niko (Minas Hristidis), and their daughter Ersi. There is a significant age difference between Lena and her husband.

One day Lena receives a visit from her husbands’ niece. Maro (Xenia Kalogeropoulou), tells her that she’s in love with Alexi (Nikos Kourkoulos) and asks Lena for her help so her parents can give their marital consent. Alexi’s past is not so clean. He has a past bond with Zoi (Tzeni Roussea) who tries in every way to block his marriage and makes sure that Maro’s mother knows (Tasso Kavvadia).

With Lena’s efforts, Niko invites Alexi over for dinner. From first sight Lena falls in love with Alexi and vice versa. A catastrophic feeling develops between them, which they dare not admit, even to themselves…

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