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Byzantine Music Greek Secular Songs Vol 8


Inside is an explanatory booklet that includes the lyrics of all the hymns as well as notes and information about the hymns in Greek, English, French and German. Mixed choir consisting of 30 members (men and women) sing with the accompaniment of traditional instruments.

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Fourteen marvelous byzantine traditional songs of the islands and the coast of the Aegean sea, originating from the area extending from the island of Rhodes to Constantinople.

  1. Se Kenouria Varka Mpika
  2. Ehe Gia Panagia
  3. Ti Se Meli Esenane
  4. Instrumental
  5. Kato Sto Gialo
  6. Emena Me To Ipane
  7. VaryteraAp’ Ta Sidera
  8. To Erinaki
  9. Apo Xeno Topo
  10. Sto Ipa Ke Sto Xanaleo
  11. Instrumental
  12. Afta Ta Matia Ta Glyka
  13. Mia Smyrnia Sto Parathiri
  14. To Karavaki

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