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Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Αρτέμης Φάουλ Η παγίδα)


403 pg Soft Cover Publisher: Psihogios

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“The Opal Deception” is the fourth book in the Artemis Fowl series and finds the teenage Fowl, after his last run-in with the fairies, with his mind wiped of his memories of the world belowground. Any goodness he had grudgingly learned is now gone, and the young genius has reverted to his criminal lifestyle.

Artemis is in Munich preparing to steal a famously well-guarded painting from a German bank. Little does he know that his every move is being watched by his old rival, Opal Koboi. The evil pixie has spent the last year in a self-induced coma, plotting her revenge on all those who foiled her attempt to destroy the LEPrecon fairy police. And Artemis is at the top of her list.

Once again, it’s up to Artemis Fowl to stop the human and fairy worlds from colliding — only this time, Artemis faces an enemy who may have finally outsmarted him…












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