>>>Better Dead Than Divorced

Better Dead Than Divorced


316 pg Soft Cover. By the author: Dr. Lucas Konsndreas


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This book is written in English.

A multi award winning riveting true story……
Of a young woman whose path crosses with a charming playboy. Their fates collide into a love affair. He asks her to have sex, since “We are to get married anyway” and she gives in.
He reneges his promise, but the young woman’s family makes sure he lives up to his promise.
Their forced marriage opens the gates for disaster. He has extramarital affairs, he is abusing her and tries for years to commission an assassin, someone, to kill her.
She knows about his evil intentions and she is urged to leave him and save her life but her love, her devotion, and societal prejudice against divorced women make her stay and say “ Better Dead Than Divorced”.
And dead she ends up one night by a commissioned assassin.
Her cousin, a principled man, driven by honor and conscience fights beyond his modest means in a corrupt system to have justice for her loss served.

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