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Tragoudia Tou Paggeou – Vaggelis Daskaloudis

This CD comes with a booklet with the history of music in the region of Eastern Macedonia in Greek and in English.

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  1. Kalouda M’ Den Pantrevese – My pretty, why don’t you marry?
  2. Korasion Etragoudise – A lass was singing
  3. Skopos Tis Palestras – Tune of the wrestling
  4. Afto To Mpalkonaki – This little balcony
  5. Kato Ston Kampo Ton Olati – Down in the wide plain
  6. Pote Na ‘Rthi I Anixi – Oh! when will Spring come!
  7. Mitrousis Kapetanios – Captain Mitrousis
  8. To Koritsi Mas Ine Mikro – Our lass is too young
  9. Mi MeMalonis Mana Mou – Mother, don’t scold me
  10. Thelo Na Se Katarasto – I’m going to curse you
  11. Gerasa Ke Perasa – I’ve grown old
  12. Saranta Kleftes Imastan- We were forty rebels
  13. Ena Mikro Tourkopedo – A young Turk
  14. S’ Ena Dentro Dio Klonaria – On two branches of a tree
  15. Nastrizeni – Nastizeni
  16. Ta Ntaoulia Kroun Vre Sterio- The drums are beating Sterios
  17. Zamantas- Zamantas
  18. Asimenia Verga Pleko- A silver stick I’m chipping

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