>>>To Gialino Rodo (Το γυάλινο ρόδο)

To Gialino Rodo (Το γυάλινο ρόδο)


605pg Soft Cover. By the author: Efstathiou Evaggelia  Publisher: Livanis


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Emanuela Maranti was never a carefree child.

She was always at the center of family storms and usually faced deadlocks with escape. So, after a strong emotional shock on the night of her birthday, she escapes to a monastery of Epirus determined to withdraw from the world and seek the peace of God to heal the deep wounds and leave permanently behind the shadows of the past.

At the same time, Nicholas Karalis, Sergeant Directorate of Criminal Investigations, believing that he has been redeemed by the ghosts of his own past, takes Emmanuela under his protection from the murderous fury of an unknown psycopath attacking young orphan girls, also known as the Killer with Black Roses, who indicates that he will not stop his deadly delirium until he gets to her.

Nicholas and Emanuela are the protagonists of an incredible adventure in a horror scene as the clock counts down to the swan song of a soul devastated by paranoia and perversion. At the same time, they are trying to simultaneously tackle their common, painful past and unexpected present. And as the secrets are retrieved from the murky bottom of their hiding place, the two of them are asked to answer the biggest dilemma of all: united together in the chaos or lonely soloist in a performance with an uncertain end?



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