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Notias – Greek Movie – PAL

A movie by Tasos Mpoulmetis

Cast:  Yiannis Niarros, Maria Kallimani, Themis Panou, Taxiarhis Hanos, Hara Mata Yiannatou, Melisanthi Mahout, Omiros Poulakis, Argiris Xafis, Dimitris Imellos, Giorgos Vourdamis

Period Drama with English subtitles



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Notias – A movie by the creator of “Touch of Spice” Taso Mpoulmeti

After the critically acclaimed and the box office hit ” Touch of Spice” Tasos Mpoulmetis is presenting another great movie.

Since Stavros hit puberty and he started to question love and relationships, his desire to write stories, in his own unpredictable way, also started to develop. The exiting and full of hope and dreams decade of the 60s, 70s, and 80s are a great backbone to his storytelling. In his journey from puberty to adulthood, in order to claim what he desires, he comes up with stories full of imagination, myths, travels and beautiful women. When it is time to face the reality he will turn his stories into reality and he will rediscover himself.

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