>>>Klismeni Pili Paradisou (Κλεισμένη πύλη παραδείσου)

Klismeni Pili Paradisou (Κλεισμένη πύλη παραδείσου)


448 pg Soft Cover. By the author: Maria Tzirita  Publisher: Psihogios


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Based on a true story

When Danae met Andreas she thought she had discovered paradise. After many failed relationships, at thirty-three years of age she found her other half. He was the first and only man she fell in love with and loved so passionately. And it was totally mutual. She could not be happier.

Until one day she learned the truth: he was married and had a daughter. Her world was shattered, but she loved him so much that she forgave him and continued the illicit relationship with him, hoping that he will soon get a separation and they could live their love freely.

But fate had other plans and an unexpected reversal in the life of the girl will make her see things completely differently. She will suddenly find herself trapped between right and wrong, the must and the desire. Will they succeed in opening the closed gate of paradise and live with him happy? Or will she, perhaps, eventually discover that the real paradise never had its doors closed?








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