Kalamaria 1915-1925 Tragoudia Tis Prosfigias – Book and CD

• Format: Book and CD|
• Binding: Soft Cover|
• Language: Greek |
• Category: History – Music|
• Publisher: Cultural Organazation – Municipality of Kalamaria|



Product Description

This is a book and CD package.

The book includes rare photographs from refugees, before, during, and after they resettled, capturing their transition. With historical facts and descriptions of their life during the years 1915-1925, Greek refugees from Pontos and Asia Minor.

The tunes, the events and the songs we hear are compositions of a specific era. They coprise music and lyrics of a more recent origin (1915-1925) and are unique testimonials of the ethnonogical revolution which in its wider context dates back to the age of Homer – a hymn and lament to the lost “Nostimon Imar”.


Additional Information

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