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I Sfragida – LENA MANTA


528 pg Soft Cover. By the author: LENA MANTA Publisher: Psihogios

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Isavron Street. That is where Frideriki Renesi begins her life. She is Vasilis’ and Louisa’s daughter, Fotis’ sister.
Asklipiou Street. This is where the only person who knows about Vasilis Renesis’ dark past lives and also where he comes to learn about his horrible present.

The story unfolds beginning from Isavron Street, which hides so much violence, tracing through the alleys of Troumpa, returning to the time of the Occupation and ending with the Junta. It finds itself at the steps of the girls’ reformatory, where the greatest evil took place, and moves behind its high walls, where the foundations are laid for the guilty to pay for their crimes…. Although the path is long, the blood never stops flowing and the scars throb with pain.

A stunning story of hurt and pain, of history and revenge, of justice and liberation.


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