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H SILLOGI TIS AMMOU -Book (collection of sand, autobio)


• Format: Book |
• Binding: Softcover |
• Classification: NonFiction, Biography |
• Language: Greek |
• Pages: 315 |
• Author: Italo Calvino |
• Translated: Anteos Hrisostomidis |
• Publications: KastaniotisPublishing, 2007 |

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Product Description

Italo Calvino’s, Italian writer and novelist (1923-1985), book ‘H Sillogi Tis Ammou/Collection of Sand’, was the last piece of work published before his death.

This work is divided into three sections. In the first section, Calvino writes about his impressions from the numerous exhibitions he visited during his stay in Paris.

The second section refers to books that he read that call forth his own thoughts and conclusions.

The third and final section describes moments from his trips to Japan, Mexico and Persia. These moments take him into mind trips that he loved. “Collection of Sand”, more than other of his works, is the book that describes what kind of a man and writer Calvino really was.



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