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H EPISTROFI TOU GIMNOU SEF -Book (return of the naked chef)


• Format: Book |
• Binding: Softcover |
• Genre: Contemporary Cooking |
• Language: Greek |
• Written: Jamie Oliver |
• Translated: Aris Vrailas |
• Pages: 288 |
• Publication: ErmeiasPublishing, 2005 |


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Product Description

Jamie Oliver’s, ‘Britain’s most exciting, brilliant chef’ best-selling cookbooks are now available in Greek.

‘The Return of the Naked Chef’, is Jamie Oliver’s second cookbook, a book filled with fresh ingredients, ‘pukka’ recipes and boundless enthusiasm.

Jamie Oliver has captured the hearts of many with his passion for simple, delicious, home-cooked food. His talent is huge, his style relaxed and his recipes divine. If you think cooking is boring or time-consuming, or you haven’t the confidence to chuck out those ready-made meals, let Jamie change all that for you !








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