>>>I Ekdikisi Ton Aggelon (Η εκδίκηση των αγγέλων)

I Ekdikisi Ton Aggelon (Η εκδίκηση των αγγέλων)


464 pg Soft Cover. By the author: Manta Lena  Publisher: Psihogios


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A twenty year old girl collapses wile working and dies. No one knows the reason. Aris her lover, in his disrepair, swears he will get to the bottom of this, he will find out what or who was responsible for her death. Galtia, his mother who is a famous writer, is by his side. She will go beyond and get involved in a situation that exceeds her capabilities. The coroners report does give conclusive evidence behind the mysterious death. Galtia is starting to wonder if this is a murder case or not. Maybe it is all a figment of her son’s and the mother of his dead lover imagination. Soon they will all realize that the truth if far worst than what they thought.






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