>>>H Dinami Tis Srigmis (Η δύναμη της στιγμής)

H Dinami Tis Srigmis (Η δύναμη της στιγμής)


416 pg Soft Cover. By the author: Theodora Tzoka Publisher: Livani


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Nadia Mouretin is trapped in the shambles of her house. A bomb has just gone off in the neighborhood. Her mother is lying dead right next to her.

They are sailing towards the unknown, their boat is sinking. Nadia is rescued by an islander the young lawyer Stefanos Anastasiadis.

Her odyssey has just started. In her struggle to survive she trusts the wrong people and she ends up at a brothel. Disrepair, agony and injustice are suffocating her. Until Vironas Veneti enters her life and saves Nadia from her difficult life… Or maybe he is just like everyone else…
A story about hate, passion, love, betrayal and revenge.


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